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Jenna had put up with her husband’s attitude during this time, for she too was a bit stressed. It was hard to get sleep with the triplets, for they liked waking up whenever they felt like it, and each one had their own clock. Not to mention, when one woke up, the others woke up as well. Thus, Jenna was frequently power-napping during the day. Also, Sephiroth got no action during this time, for Jenna was too tired. She also had disappeared for a second evening during the course of the night. She never mentioned where she disappeared to when she did get away.

Seres had taken a day off herself in order to recover from the near concussion that Rhyderi had given her. When she returned to work, she became irritated, for now she was alone on guard duty. By the end of the week, she became very fed up and decided to go to Rhyderi’s apartment. Thus, without even knocking or giving warning, Seres teleported into Rhyderi’s abode.

As for Desiree, she was more than glad to have her new son. She dedicated her time to taking care of him and teaching her other children about how to help. However, Kalysto’s mood did trouble her. She couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong with him, for nothing seemed wrong. Still, she tried to make the house seem even better and cleaner in order to cheer him up.