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Seres was annoyed. No, annoyed didn’t quite fit her mood. She was far past annoyed. Perhaps even past infuriated. Her father thought he was being crafty, she bet. However, she basically felt him following her around everywhere. Hell, she wouldn’t be surprised if he had followed her to the toilet with the way that he was behaving. It was like no one ever got shot in the army.

In fact, by the end of the week, she took on a habit of randomly flinging things that happened to be in her way in Sephiroth’s direction, just to send a message to him that she knew full well that he was following him. If he got stabbed by a flying knife… Well, maybe he shouldn’t have been standing there!

On the Monday after her incident on the docks, Seres was sleeping in because she was in no rush to be followed around again by her silver shadow.

Meanwhile, Jenna was being lazy as well. She had woken up to some rather unpleasant morning sickness and decided to not rush in to work. Thus, a scantily clad Jenna, who didn’t feel like changing out of her sheer night gown, opened the door.