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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth sighed at Jenna’s commentary and took it into consideration.

Over the next week or so, several things had happened. The department responsible for holding the dragons in custody had moved them into a more open space where they were given the freedom to roam. Some members of Rhyderi’s elf-section had also begun the process of educating them properly about the purpose of the army in the Mideel-Samoan islands.

Kalysto had moved out over the week, bringing only the essentials to Sephiroth’s house while their old house began extensions. He grumbled at being packed into a tiny room with both his children nearby, but couldn’t really object too much as he was staying there for free.

Meanwhile, Seres was kept guard by Sephiroth in the shadows when she was on duty, at least until he had finally found somebody for her. Thus, very early on the following Monday morning, the beginning of the new working week, there was a loud metallic thumping sound on the front door of the house.