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“I had my home fall ontop of me because of my sister. Does that count?” Seres attempted to counter. “Anyway, it was just stray food. How can you be suspicious of that? Maybe if I was throwing arrows into their area there, but food? Yea, that’s gotta be the worst call to arms ever!”

Seres huffed before she returned to pacing in front of the portal. “Stupid guard post. So boring. Stupid pointy-eared people. I hate this all…”

However, Seres finally stopped her pacing as she spotted Kalysto’s dragon in the distance. She had seen her sister and brother-in-law ride it a few times, so she wasn’t completely unaware as to what it was. Still, she found it strange that it’d be heading their way. For, last she checked, Kalysto hated his brother.

Desiree was a bit relieved that the doctors were there and preparing to help her deliver. However, that didn’t stop her pain at the moment. So, she gritted her teeth before she shook her head.

“I just want to be pushing already!”