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Kat Aclysm

Rhyderi shifted his weight slightly as he rose off his butt, moving to his feet again. “Maybe I should… because if there is no negotiation, eventually a war will break out.” He scowled. “They’re already up to something. I know they are.”

He stepped aside suddenly as Seres’s leftover food came flying straight back out of the portal after she threw it in.

“I don’t advise doing that again.”

Kalysto nodded his head. He quickly left the room and headed into the waiting room where Zach was seated with his children. He was given a rather hostile greeing by the Sephiroth clone, who left him with the children before he stormed off to be with his girlfriend in one of the other birthing rooms.

“Damn it…” Kalysto sighed. “Er, kids. Come with me…” He grabbed both of their hands and ran off to find a doctor. After directing the medical professional to Desiree’s room, he headed outside, summoning his Drake again.

“Kids, climb on. You have to take this journey without me. I’m going to have my Drake fly you to Rhyderi, but you have to be nice to her. Give her lots of pats and back rubs. OK…?”

Milena whimpered. Everything was so confusing. Everyone was in such a horrible mood.