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Desiree released a humored chuckle at all that her husband had just told her before she nodded her head. She knew he was right, and that she had been completely wrong in not just asking him. So, there was no point in arguing that fact. Still, his quipping did make her feel considerably better. That was good for her.

Jenna and Sephiroth were permitted to take their newborn children home by the end o the week. During that time, the two of them managed to settle on names for the children. For the girl, the name Cael was choosen. As for the two boys, they received the names of Orion and Leo. Thus, several sleepless nights started for the experienced pair of parents.

Meanwhile, Desiree continued to progress in her pregnancy, healthily swelling as the fetus developed within her. She also had many more attacks of the bakery during this time, for it made very delicious food that she really wanted.

On the day that Desiree went into labor, she had invited Zach and his girlfriend over for a lunchin.

Elsewhere, Seres kept Rhyderi occupied with sparring sessions outside of the portal that they were meant to guard, for guard duty was completely and utterly boring for her.