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Kat Aclysm

Rhyderi made a rather loud growl and clutched at the bandaged area of his upper arm as it began to bleed beyond the confines of the bandage, stepping back out of the way.

“I could have done without that!” He spoke out harshly at the demon. “You’re not very smart, are you. The worst disrespect you can do towards your ‘master’ is to harm their caretaker, stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid…”

He grabbed at a towel to wrap around his arm, stumbling back to fall rather heavily onto the floor. He felt rather lightheaded and weak now.

Kalysto frowned at Desiree’s comment. “I’m still here, you know.” He set the bag of food down in front of Sephiroth at the table, and then wandered towards the tea and coffee machine on the wall, narrowing his eyes in thought as he checked them over. “These don’t look so bad…”

Sephiroth picked at the bag, opening it up. He glanced at the meals inside and grabbed the beef one, picking up a plastic fork that had been tossed into the bag also.
“The staff are not used to a lot of things.” He snorted. “Even after all this time.” He began to eat.