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Kat Aclysm

Rhyderi frowned at Orpheus’s actions. “Don’t feed the demon your perfectly good food. That food is for you, not for…. it. Demons eat carrion and rubbish. If left to stray, they also eat anything living. Be very careful.”

Droozun raised his head, bounding over to expertly catch the meat scraps out of the air. He chewed on them a few times, then trotted over to Orpheus’s chair, curling up beside it. Meanwhile, Mahret had heard the noise and came into the room. She raised her head, initially growling at the unfamiliar presence in the house, then wandered through the room and out the other doorway,

Rhyderi stared at the oversized Felhunter, wary of it. “What… what has Kalysto been feeding that thing? How in the world did it get so big…?”

Sephiroth rose to his feet. “Fine,” He conceded to Desiree after a moment of thought. “But let’s not eat this in the hallway. There is a common-room that is shared by all. There is also your mother’s room, but I would rather leave her to sleep than subject her to…” He pointed to the bag Kalysto was carrying. “…the smell of that.”

He headed down the hallway. “Look through the window at them if you want to. Two males, one female. Males are smaller than the female.”