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Kat Aclysm

Zach shook his head. “The big guy prescribed it. I’m just the underling here. I don’t even have a proper medical degree, mom.”

With that, the silver haired Sephiroth clone set up the rest of his detoxification chemical IV kit, all the while watching Jenna leave. He glared at Edgeworth until he left also, then set everything in place, pulling up a chair so he could sit by and closely monitor Dimitri’s reaction. He just hoped that he had accurately judged Dimitri’s ability to metabolise the anti-poisons he was using.

Edgeworth stood in the hallway when the door was shut on him. “Is he going to die.” He was visibly stressed. “The mere fact that that doctor would shove you, his own mother out of the room, is cause for concern…” He quickly strode off down the hallway, intending to step out of the building altogether.