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The man sneered once more before he blew another large puff of spoke right into Edgeworth’s face.

“Of course I know what I saw. The young man’s hair was spikes all over the place. Children these days, don’t know how to keep their hair kept,” the man reiterated. However, he soon shot Edgeworth another glare. “No, I don’t deal with the sort of items the punk wanted. I am in the business of making people happy. That’s it.”

Jenna grabbed another jar of dragon’s bane, though she doubted that Edgeworth would recognize the substance at all. After looking over it for a moment, she glared at the tattooed man before she grunted at Edgeworth. “He’s telling the truth.”

Meanwhile, Dimitri groaned in pain as he was woken up from his light nap. Shivering, he tried to curl up even more on the couch. He wanted to continue sleeping, but he just couldn’t sleep with the way that he was feeling.