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The Jenna that was speared yelled in pain and frustration before she broke apart in a flash, soon turning into little more than dust. Meanwhile, the other two Jenna’s dodged the lightning botls, dragging their spears once more.

“Clever, one down. However, can you get the next ones right, hm?”

Meanwhile, Genesis drummed his fingers against the railing to his viewing area. He was still not too impressed with Sephiroth’s showing and wished that he had been choosen. At least he would have been using things like matra magic to missle these idiotic spells. He also eyed the one Jenna that had gone to hover over the fight, since she was allowing the three, now down to two, duplicates to confuse Sephiroth. This Jenna was doing little more than chanting while the lines were drawn on the ground by her duplicates.