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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth didn’t seem to notice or care at all when his hands were gripped onto. He allowed Jenna to move his hands where she pleased, and he suddenly raised his head when he felt the soft curviness on both of his hands simultaneously.

“Don’t do that,” He instructed her. “I will be mad at you…” Despite his words, he allowed his hands to roam and explore, moving them around her ribcage area, caressing the soft flesh of her sides. A loud purr escaped him as his hands moved up towards her neck, tracing the edges of her shoulder-blades as his fingers made their way up to gently stroke the nape area of her neck.

Then he tried pulling her down so he could kiss her. He didn’t put any force or aggression into this, so Jenna could have easily moved away if she did not like alcohol-flavoured kisses.