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Kat Aclysm

“My wing?” Sephiroth was only too happy to oblige her. He phased his solitary wing into existance, pulling out a flight pinion to drag across her skin in a teasing manner as he caressed and teased her. He shook the wing a few times, scattering several smaller feathers onto the bedsheets around them.

“Is that more to your liking?” He purred at her. He continued to tease and caress her form with gentle tenderness, shifting into position once he felt both of them were ready to begin making love.

By the time Sephiroth was tired out, he had shed several more feathers onto the bed, and as he lay down beside his mate to catch his breath, he cuddled her arm, his attention on the few feathers that had fallen down near his pillow. He smirked, using his psychic energies to pick up and drop the nearest stray feather onto Jenna’s nearest breast.