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Kat Aclysm

Edgeworth raised his brows now, seeming vaguely alarmed. He was interpretting Dimitri’s innocent intentions and comments in a completely different way. When Dimitri kissed him again, he tensed and shrank away.

“You can’t… we wouldn’t be able to. Not yet, anyway.” He coughed slightly, sitting up properly, his entire body tensed now. “You’re fourteen. I am twenty-two naturally. There is already an 8 year age gap, which is pushing it. I have seen bigger age gaps but that is not the point.” A heavyset frown came over his features. “It is just not the proper thing to do right now. I would not make you want to do something you would regret later. Right now you are just too young. You’re not legally old enough. Do you understand that?”

He sighed. “We can be friends. But until you are old enough, that is all we can be.”

Sephiroth grunted, shrugging. “I don’t know… you could always take them on other worlds…”