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Jenna gave Sephiroth a tired look before she roughly wrapped her arms around him to pull him in to a hug. She shook her head against his shoulder as she tightly hugged onto him in an attempt to calm him down.

“Whatever happened to the Sephiroth who didn’t care what the press had to say about him because he hated the press, hm? I remember seeing reports of you breaking cameras because you hated being ShinRa’s poster-boy.”

Jenna then lowered her head. “And.. perhaps Dimitri is gay because of the circumstances of his birth?”

Dimitri chuckled at Edgeworth’s proclamation that it didn’t need to be fancy. He then shook his head in disbelief.

“Miles, no one would ever believe that you’d know anything that wasn’t fancy. I hope you know that.”

Despite his tease, Dimitri set the food down on the coffee table. After opening the lids, the boy licked his lips, for the lasagna did indeed smell good.