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Kat Aclysm

Kalysto shrugged. “I spent years living with stinky trolls who did nothing but fish and eat roast pig. So yeah, after a while you get sick of smoked fish and pork…” He rubbed the back of his head. “If we found a nice place, I’d eat there…”

He reached over to grasp her hand in his and began to hum the tune to a slow-paced song he knew from his childhood. He walked down the street, just taking the sights in. They were very close to the center of the city, and with the Parisian building code still in place, it was very scenic.


Sephiroth frowned as the man departed. “Go find a job archiving papers at the ShinRa Building.” He quickly called out to him. He briefly wondered if he had already seen the man before, when the next woman appeared.

“Come in,” He said to her, nodding. “Hello. Are you prepared to cook, clean, to vaccuum, and look after the needs of our disabled infant?”