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Jenna scowled as she looked over the current applicant. She sniffed the air for a moment before she snorted and growled out, “Leave now. You are not what we are looking for.”

She crossed her arms, not even wanting to hear what this man had to say. It was clear that he didn’t have the physique to put up with a day’s worth of cleaning after her children.

The next applicant to come in was an older woman of Hawiian decent. She was a bit shorter than average, but not overly so. She nodded as she stepped into the house before she quickly scanned around, noticing some areas of dirt already. However, she waited to be greeted by either Jenna or Sephiroth.

“Well, you don’t like seafood, Kalysto, so let’s stick to steak, hm?” Desiree responded. “Or, we can just walk around and see what we come across. Whatever is more fun for you.”