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Kat Aclysm

Kalysto sat up properly and blinked at the space ahead of himself, yawning. He slid out of bed and brushed his mess of spikey hair into a somewhat more presentable look before walking over to his luggage, taking out some fresh clothes to put on.

By the time Desiree was finished with the shower, Kalysto was well-groomed and dressed and watching the TV, channel surfing for something that was in a language he recognised.

Sephiroth returned downstairs when he heard the doorbell. Jenna had already answered it and he took a seat on the lounge, raising a brow as he saw the young blonde maid.

*”Are they answering an advertisment?”* He frowned at Jenna. *”Or did you pick them personally? Looks like something left over from that prostitute house.”*