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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth just headed up to the bedroom to medicate himself in private. Thanks to being a lab-rat for so long, dealing with chemicals and medication was something he hated dealing with and so he didn’t want anyone to observe him dealing with such. Part of him didn’t even want to touch it at all, but considering the alternative…

He measured out enough of the medications and took one after the other, washing them down with water, scowling. *”I’ll change into something presentable now.”*

Kalysto poked a finger into his left earhole and twisted it around for a brief moment, ridding himself of the ringing pain in his ears.

“It’s alright…” He sighed. “I needed to wake up anyway. What time is it?” He yawned, glancing over at the clock near the bed. “Want to go get something to eat?”