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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth wriggled about as he was splashed with water, scowling as he sat up. He spat water out that had gotten into his mouth, glaring back at Jenna as he sensed her nearby. “Without even looking, I know that was you…”

Kalysto sorted out the immigration visiting papers, pushing Desiree through Customs and into Baggage claim. Once that was done, he waved down a taxi and gave the address he had written down to the driver. When they were finally at the hotel, a porter helped him to unload the bags. He walked into the lobby to claim his keycard and documentation, walking into the hotel room not long afterwards.

“Man…” He sighed. “Do you want to rest now and look around later…?” He closed the door and shut off the lights in the room. “I didn’t get much sleep on the plane.”