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Kat Aclysm

Kalysto took his seat. He was quiet throughout most of the takeoff, interested by the scenery. However, once they were in the air and flying off towards their first flight point, he quickly became bored. The male looked around for something to do, soon discovering the pouch in the front of his seat.

Within a few minutes, every piece of documentation was messily splayed out across his tray table, and he began to read it.”Heh. Hey Desi,” He said, bumping her arm to grab her attention. “Want to buy some unreasonably priced kitchen tools?” He pushed the airplane-catalogue over to her, smirking. “Have a look at how fast people are. This catalogue is already quoting in your old-world’s currency.”

When snacks came around, the elf was very unhappy at the small portions offered. He munched through his bag of assorted peanuts within minutes and leaned back in the seat, grumbling to himself in Thalassian.

“I’m already bored.” He stated plainly when he looked out the window. All he could see now were clouds, clouds, and more clouds. Oh, and blue sky.