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Desiree chuckled as she watched Milena move in to help her with cooking. So, she paused in stirring the stew that she was brewing so that she could pull over a chair from the kitchen table. Once the chair was positioned in front of the stove, she picked up Milena and set her down on the chair.

“Don’t eat anything yet. Just grab this spoon here,” Desiree nodded to the spoon, “and stir. It’ll keep the stew moving and help prevent the bottom from being burnt. Ok?”


Meanwhile, at Sephiroth’s house, Seres was in the nearest bathroom to her bedroom, throwing up after yet another round of the treatments that she had agreed to. As the girl emptied to contents of her stomach, Jenna leaned against the wall near to the bathroom door. She didn’t feel like gong in, but she figured the girl would want her near. Not to mention, Jenna wasn’t quite certain as to what to make out of Sephiroth’s mood considering that their eldest daughter was getting married on the following day. To say the least, she had a very strange husband, in her opinion.