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While the back of Jenna’s dress also dipped quite low, over half-way down her back, her hair covered up most of the visible skin there. Also, her arms and shoulders were exposed since the dress had a halter top. To say the least, Jenna wasn’t wearing a bra due to the design of the dress and the fact that she never wore any to start with.

Jenna ignored Sephiroth’s statement as she walked back over to the table. She quickly checked up on the children in order to confirm that they were not getting themselves into trouble. Once she felt that they were all behaved, she sat down next to Seph once more.

After a few minutes, the servers came to pass out slices of cake to the family. Jenna patiently waited for the server to move away before she shoved the slice that was given to her over to Sephiroth.

Meanwhile, Desiree gave Kalysto a large smile. “It is perfect. You probably can make money selling off your recipes, Kalysto.”