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Desiree grinned in appreciation at Kalysto’s speech, even though she found the idea of hearing him state sappy speeches was rather strange. Still, she didn’t comment on the feeling. Instead, she walked over to the cake and gently sliced through it. After a few moments, she began to set out several slices of cake for the guests before she allowed the kitchen staff to take over. As she walked away from the cake, she brought four slices with her, one for each member of her family.

“Yes, I’m certain that you picked it because you’re arrogant and wanted to tell your enemies that you didn’t even need to protect your chest,” Jenna commented. “Still, stop being so uptight about seeing any skin on me. It’s not like my normal armor shows you any of this.”

The sorceress then looked up before she nodded to their table. “Seems like they are finally serving your favorite bits, the treats.”