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Dimitri stared at Azul, having completely halted eating his own steak. Frowning, he looked around before he slipped out of his seat. After a few moments, he returned with a booster seat. Thus, he set the seat on the ground before he quickly picked up Azul so that he could set the seat on her chair. Ignoring any complaints she made toward him, he positioned the seat before setting her back in the chair. He then shoved the fork into her hand.

“Eat properly, Azul… There’s people watching,” Dimitri requested.

Meanwhile, Jenna glared at Sephiroth. She then snorted once more before she broke some more of the shell and got squirted once more. So, she grit her teeth as she angrily broke more of the shell. Not knowing that it typical of humans not to eat the abdomen, she broke that as well, since she was in a bit of a rage now.