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Noemi gratefully nodded as she was escorted into the office. Once inside, she sat down in a chair that sat opposite of Sephiroth’s desk before she held out a tablet-like pamphlet that was common for her culture.

“As you should know, the procedure that you have requested of my staff is brain surgery. We will be removing damaged brain cells and replacing them with implants. This sort of procedure normally isn’t done to a boy as young as your son… However, it can be done.

“The risks are that the surgery itself may possibly injure his brain even more than what it started with. That is always a risk with these sort of procedures. There is also very little documentation as to how well an implant will work with a developing brain. It may, actually, hinder his ability to develop and learn properly.

“Thus, I must implore you to carefully consider this before sending him to the care of my staff.”