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Kat Aclysm

Edgeworth was growling with rage now, and his knuckles were white as he had his hands balled into tight fists. Still, he kept calm and composed as he spoke again.

“There is an easier resolve than to dismiss the case. We do not need to call a mistrial to find another judge, your honor.” He stated cooly. “The more simple alternative would be to call another continuance for an unspecifed amount of time until another suitable judge is found.”

“This issue needs to go to trial properly, there is no denying that.” He frowned. “To call a mistrial on such devious crimes and to dismiss the case entirely would be a blatant disregard for justice. The crime was comitted on our territory and should be treated as such.”

Sephiroth watched Jenna, then frowned and stuffed his face. As much as he would have wanted bacon, he knew the cafeteria at work wouldnt be open this early and that he would be starving until lunch.

He practically inhaled the rest of his food and headed out the door.