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Jenna broadly grinned as she lowered herself to meet Sephiroth in a passionate kiss. As she kissed him, she slowly spread open her wings in order to prompt him into even more passion. Thus, she happily frolicked with Sephiroth for the better part of an hour before she tired out. At this point, she just moved to lay ontop of her mate with her wings spread out, most likely pinning him down in place. Her head was rested on his left shoulder as she drifted off to sleep.

On the following day, Noemi was waiting for Sephiroth at his office. She silently sat there, not seeming to care that she had to wake up early in order to beat him to his office.

Also, Seferia had returned to the court house for the continuation of the hearing. She was quite hopeful that the judge would break down and give into her demands to have the dragons extradited to her custody. However, if he choose not to side with her, she had other cards to play.