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Kat Aclysm

“You use a car, I use a dragon…? Heh sounds kind of profound if you ask me…” Kalysto furrowed his brows and stroked his goatee as he stated this, seriously pondering her suggestion. “She’s not going to be thrilled about called out for the sake of… oh who am I kidding!”

He dropped his bags onto the ground and summoned the shadowy energy creature from the void, reaching out to pat her snout when she phased into the mortal realm. “One day you’re going to want one of these things. Very handy.” He hopped onto the Drake’s back and flew off with a whoosh of the creature’s wings.

“What else could it have been….” Edgeworth hissed in pain. He squinted, for the flourescent lights in the court room were hurting his eyes and making his migraine worse. “I suspected as much, but then she laughed at me…”

He quickly stumbled out of the area altogether shortly afterwards and rushed into the nearest men’s room to be sick.