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Desiree sighed at Kalysto’s whining before she shook her head. “If we had the right amount of money and the proper permits, I’m certain that we could build onto our current house. Just remember, we got a pretty good plot of land as is. Most of the new lots don’t have enough room for your garden.”

Seferia narrowed her eyes at Edgeworth before she used her psychic abilities to make him feel as if he suddenly got hit with a migrane headache. The man was starting to irritate her since her arguments were concerning the right of this land to even judge this case.

“The prosecution should stop interfering with the arguments of the defense and permit the judge to determine whether or not the argument is worthy enough to determine that this case should not even be tried at all,” with that said, Seferia looked back at the judge. “As I have stated, the land was invaded by this country and the dragons in question were defending their rights to breed. Hence, no crimes were committed and this case should be dismissed.”