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“Oh, calm down. The car isn’t parked in the overnight parking area, so we’re not going to be charged an arm and a leg. In fact, they offered a very good price for us since I’m Sephiroth’s daughter,” Desiree smirked at her husband as she finished off her statement. “Having a famous father has its perks.”

So, she lead her husband to the SUV before she unlocked it so that they could toss their luggage into the back.

“The claim of these lands is not recognized by our people, nor is it justified,” Seferia retorted before looking at the judge. “This land was dwelled upon and claimed long before the humans invaded. Thus, the actions of the dragons in question are fully understandable within the terms of defensive action. For, they were protecting their nesting grounds from an invading force.”

As Seferia locked her eyes on the judge, her irises glowed momentarily. Also, Edgeworth and Dimitri would be able to hear a very faint whisper, akin to what some would think of as ghosts whispering. However, the words were unintelligible and scattered to anyone other than the judge.