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Kat Aclysm

Kalysto: *In the last few months, he has managed to get his shop tidied, as well as get it up and running again, and with the extra money coming in from their not-so-legal ebay dealings, he has expanded the shop by getting more building attached to the first one. He has also branched out into the sale of traditional herbal goods, as well as his own herbs which are quite expensive right now until his new garden matures*

Mahret: *Has since curled up and partially frozen on her dog-pillow, though she is very much alive and breathing when poked. She twitches occaisionally, but otherwise remains in hibernation*

Sephiroth: *has been dealing with political rubbish and arguments. He has also killed off a few terrorists who wanted to start strife on the island, as well as serial criminals and a few thieves*