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Desiree manages to heal up to functional status within a few days of going home. By the ending of about her second week home, all that would be left of her injuries would be a scar on both the front and rear sides of her abdomen, just a bit lower than her last rib on the left hand side.

For the last few months, she had been helping Kalysto move their items from their old house, figuring that the airport would drive them both insane, despite the fact that she did like having a beach-front property. She’s also looked over the items that Kalysto and she stole from the bank. In fact, she’s already sold off a few of them on this new thing that she discovered, upon discovering computers, ebay.

Meanwhile, Desiree has left Mahret to rest for the most part. While she hasn’t bothered the felhunter into training, she had set up a dog pillow and dragged Mahret onto it so that at least Desiree would believe the demon were more comfortable.

Meanwhile, Jenna has not had the most fun in this time. Her pregnancy has really started to show, so she can no longer get away with hiding it with her clothing. Thus, she’s switched to wearing more loose-fitting pregnancy clothes, which she normally despises. She’s also may or may not be involved in the death of a few random humans that bothered elves and Gaians. Considering that the evidence was inconclusive or not present and that Jenna never said a word, no one really knows.

Meanwhile, the Americans had been forced off the island all together. However, that doesn’t mean that other Earth-humans such as those who want Jihads have left the elves and Gaians alone. As for the Americans, they left mostly because they found that the pentagon became a new nest for the creature called Taimat. They also found that Tiamat was none too pleased about the treatment of her kin.