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Kat Aclysm

Iris: *just looks up at Jenna, and continues to whimper. She tries to look cranky like she has seen Sephiroth do many times before, but her feelings take over fairly quickly and she suddenly bursts into tears, wailing, upset*

Kalysto: *is already at his house, gathering things to help with the trolls moving out. He also packs essentials for Milena despite her whining* Shh. *stuffs things into a suitcase, then wheels it outside* This is for your own good. Come on. *wheels the suitcase down the garden path, Zulmire and Arte following him* Come on, Milena! *”I’m here, Desiree. We’re moving to your folk’s place.”*

Milena: *screeches, on the verge of throwing a tantrum* NOOOOOO-Rrrr-EEEEE!!!