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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *blinks at Jenna, then glances off to the side* You are talking to the General of the ShinRa Army, my love. *smirks* What a profound thing to say to The Great Sephiroth – ‘without too much violence’. *shakes his head, genuinely amused* But no. *his expression hardens again, resuming his signature serious scowl* Right now this is only an effort to get them to stop shooting things. I’m going to make them hand in their stupid guns. *glances down at the bag, sighing* Hopefully this will put an end to it. *teleports away abruptly*

Kalysto: *”Yeah… if anyone saw me burn those dudes, they probably have a warning out on me already. I don’t like the fact I may have a ‘kill on sight’ tag over my head.”*