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Kat Aclysm

Kalysto: *sets fire to the remains, standing over them until they are ash on the ground. He then resummons Droozun and grunts at him* Bury the evidence. It’s better for everyone. *picks up the guns, then creates a portal into the Nether, throwing them inside. Then he moves off in search of Desiree, thoroughly pissed*

*over the next few hours, Sephiroth hangs around the Medical center while surgery is performed on Desiree. The surgery team controls the bleeding and repairs the damaged organs that were in the path of the bullet. She is patched up and in need of blood after surgery so Sephiroth is hassled for a cross-match. By the time Desiree wakes up, she would be in a room with several IV lines hanging over her, as well as a bag of blood donated by Sephiroth himself*