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Kat Aclysm

Kalysto: *yells* It’s in my eyes! *grabs at the food and tries to flick it away, still very much cringing and unhappy that he can’t see at all*

Sephiroth: Oh it’s going to be beneficial alright. *moves into the hallway, then begins ordering staff around. Some of them immediately move in to take Jenna to surgery, while some remain in the hall to calm him down*

Zach: *the cellphone goes off in his pocket* That would be my cue to leave… *picks up the phone* Yeah. Yeah. I was waiting to hear from you anyway. Uh-huh… yeah… I see. See ya. *hangs up, then glances at Desiree* Your father is planning to kill everyone. I best be going before he does. *moves out the door*