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Kat Aclysm

Kalysto: The people who said it’s banned are all dead! *laughs loudly as he finishes off the runes, then throws the stick away and moves to stand in the middle* Stand back. You don’t want to get incinerated when I do. *pulls off his robe and his gloves, tossing them far away. He stands there in his underwear, grinning with delight as he closes his eyes and slowly spreads his hands out. He begins to speak aloud in a foreign tongue, the words sounding almost demonic and evil. As he finishes the spell, his feet immediately explode into flames, as do his hands. He burns up with intense flames and heat, combusting in about 5 seconds flat. When the spell is complete, there is nothing more but some charred ash and bone, and a few strands of dark coloured hair*