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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *since the wedding ended, he seems a little less nervous, but not by much. The amount of people paying attention to him openly bothers the male, who sticks relatively close to Jenna. His nervousness would show in his appetite, for when foods are served at the reception table, he barely picks at them. He doesn’t say much except for make the occaisonal acknowledging grunt, keeping his focus away from everyone, and distant. He doesn’t smile or make much reaction towards photographs, nor engage in much conversation with the other guests*

Zach: *meanwhile, Sephiroth’s clone is quite the opposite. Thanks to having already consumed three glasses of rich wine, he is rather audible in his chatter to the other guests. He makes raucous laughing sounds occaisonally and smirks, even flirting with some of the guests*

Iris: *has migrated under the table and sits near Jenna’s legs, just wanting to go home*