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Jenna: *sighs at Seph and moves over to his side* Yes, that was not a storm at all. Just relax and I’ll explan. *tries to push Seph back down onto the bed* First, you were made victim of a spell that had been intended to hit me. The one I fought before is a dangerous witch who enjoys using lightning based attacks. However, she is also reknowned for being highly incompetent with these spells. *shakes her head* Anyway, the spell was more than likely supposed to go off when I was actually fighting with her, but that spell clearly went off much later than intended.

*sighs and sits down in a chair near to the bed* Now, as to where you are. You are inside my home, well, at least the dwelling space where I store things and occaccionally sleep. *shrugs* It is a complex that was built under the island eons ago by dragons and other creatures. Those creatures are gone now, but the complex still exists. So, here you are. As to why you are here. You were injured, I had to take you someplace safe so that I can tend to your wounds. I did not want you to die out there. *Shrugs* Any more questions?