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Jenna: *Snorts at Sephiroth’s behavior and shakes her head in disbelief. She doesn’t tarry long on the ground, though, for she quickly shifts into her hybrid form and takes after him* ~First of all, son of Lucrecia, I did not force you to fight me. You knew the terms and you choose to fight. There were no shackles around your feet forcing you to agree. Second, last I checked, asking someone where they wanted to go is not dictating to them what they should or should not do. Third, you are making a big mistake. I highly suggest you do not go up to the Northern Cave.~ *she catches up to him and begins to fly along side him. The tip of her left wing nearly brushes up against his upper arm*

Yuffie: *releases a loud yawn as she wakes up for the day then bounds out of bed. Soon after standing up, her stomach made a loud grumble. So, the ninja patted it then rushes over to Tifa’s bed* Hey, wake up! It’s morning. Time to make breakfast. There’s starving stomachs to feed! *She rushes over to Aeris’s bed and shakes her in order to wake her as well. Then, she dashes into the bathroom to get changed for the day*