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Jenna narrowed her eyes as she noticed the ex-general attempt to dodge her. The man was being undeniably irritating with his manner, but she was not disuaded at all. She had once tried to help Sephiroth when he was but a boy. That attempt didn’t go over so well… Not well at all. But this time, he had already been dead. He held no further purpose to this planet. She could make contact with him without any ill affects. And she was determined to do that.

So, the sorceress slowly pulled open her wings to slow herself down, hissing at the pain it caused. Every joint in her body ached as she brought herself to a stop in mid-air. However, she was used to dealing with pain and had suffered much more than a few aches and pains in the joints. Once she came to a stop, she flapped her wings in order to keep herself in mid-air and carefully monitored Seph’s movements by sensing out his energy.

Once she felt the man come to a stop, Jenna allowed herself a wry grin. He probably didn’t expect her to be able to track him so well, but she knew his life force almost as well as she knew her own. She had watched him grow up, after all.

So, the woman closed her eyes and teleported so that she’s appear right behind Sephiroth, simultaneously casting a spell to revert back to her true human form.

“You know, you’re being quite perdicatable, son of Lucrecia. Even the least intelligent of that group you were staying with last would be able to perdict that you’d run to the Northern Cave.” She grinned and shook her head at him.