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Jenna remained in the air as Seph changed into his clothing. She carefully observed his motions, but didn’t bother landing. For, she figured that he’d bolt as soon as he was dressed, and as if to prove her thoughts correct, Sephiroth did just that.

Jenna shook her head at the male, finding his antics to be quite laughable and pointless. However, she choose not to voice her opinion for now. Instead, she flapped her wings and gained height. She continued to climb up into the sky, ascending until she was up into air so thin that she could barely breathe. She glanced up at the clear view of space that she could see from that height for a brief moment, preparing herself for what she was about to do. She had done this stunt several times before, so she was not too nervous. Still, it never hurt for her to take a moment to compose herself.

Then she dropped straight down to the ground below, plunging like a rocket. She rapidly gained speed as she dropped, soon reaching the sound barrier. Her clothing was being seared right off her scales, which were armored and able to stand the forces that her extreme speed was making. She continued her daredevil drop until she was nearly a few mere seconds away from smashing into the ground. At that point she shifted her weight and leveled out so that she could rapidly fly toward the northern cave and after Sephiroth.

The ex-general would be able to here a loud boom fill the air as the sorceress raced after him. The woman kept her wings up close to her body in order to keep a streamlined lack of resistance and allowed herself to gain a bit of height once more so that she’d be flying over the man once she caught up. She also kept her limbs as rigid as possible so that they’d not snap due to the g-forces.