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Jenna cocked her eybrow as she watched the man leap into the air. She found his actions curious. It was not because he was a human being who just leapt into the sky. It was not the fact that he did not give her any thanks either. No, it was no reason as seemingly obvious as those. Instead, it was the simple fact that Sephiroth had leapt off into the sky to leave while still dressed in only his boxers.

She softly chuckled as she considered how cold it must be up there for a man in only his least protective of clothing. Certainly his genetilia would become cold first and bunch up close to him. The thought of the strong man receiving such discomfort just humored her.

So, Jenna shook her head then cast a spell to shift into her hybrid form. After stretching out her wings for a brief moment to prepare herself for flight, she leapt up into the air. She quickly moved to catch up to the silver-haired man and was soon gliding right above him. A smirk crossed her lips as she looked down at him.

“You know, most men find it rather embarassing to be caught outside of their home in their boxers. Don’t you think that it’d be a more intelligent idea to bring your belongings?” She coyly grins at the thought. “Here, let me help you with that, son of Lucrecia.”

So, the sorceress concentrated on yet another spell, soon making Seph’s clothing and sword appear above him before dropping the items on the man.