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Jenna had visited this planet several times before in the past, but those times she had a purpose for being here. There was something for her to look forward to seeing, or rather someone. Even if her objective never knew she was there, she always felt like there was a purpose to her visits. At the very least, she could watch him grow up and develop. But today… She couldn’t quite word what had drawn her to this planet.

Perhaps, fate had drawn her to it and that’s why it popped into her head as she leapt through the portal the other day. Maybe, she was bored and wanted someplace that held some excitement for her, even if that was in the past. Maybe, it was just the way the dice rolled.

In the end, what did the reason matter? She was here, was she not? She might as well make the best of her time.

So, the female had wandered about the face of the planet for the last day, not really caring where she was going. Until at last, she saw a shape that she had recognized by trailing the events of a few years ago for her own purposes. An airship, the airship that held the group that had “saved” this planet.

That rag-tag group did not interest her in the least bit. They were all just idiots who ran around following the largest idiot of the group, who just happened to have blonde spiky hair. Such idiots were they that they had gained information that could have changed the outcome of the events that had scarred this planet, but instead they choose to execute instead. Then again, she knew the information as well… But she was not from this planet. It was not her place to interfere! They on the other hand-

She scowled up at the ship, dwelling on her hatred of the team who accompanied that mechanism. However, there was something more than the feel of AVALANCHE’s members there today.. Something familiar… Something that she had longed to communicate with..

Jenna blinked and shook her head. “Impossible…” She tried to jar the feeling away by shaking her head more viciously, but the more she thought about it, the more she thought that it couldn’t be a trick or illusion. It just had to be real.

So, the woman quickly jogged after the ship. If she had to, she’d follow it across the ocean and back. She was going to see if what she felt was reality.

It wasn’t until the dead of night that Jenna caught up to the airship. Despite the amount of time she had spent dashing after the plane, she did not feel exhausted at all. Maybe a bit tired, but she could easily ignore it. Instead, she felt elighted, for she’d soon be able to meet the boy who she had tried to help so long ago. The one who she had watched turn into a man. The one who had given her reason to visit this planet quite frequently in the past.

The sorceress leapt onto the deck of the ship, making a soft thumping sound that would have resounded throughout the metal hull to those with acute hearing. From there, she decided to just wait it out. Certainly everyone was asleep by now, so there was no point in rushing in. Not that she was the type to rush in and hug someone anyway.

So, Jenna sat down on the railing and looked up at the sky. She released a soft sigh and broadly smiled to herself as she thought of how much fun she would have tonight. Not long afterwards, she began to sing. The song was one that she had originally heard Sephiroth’s real mother, Lucrecia, sing. There was one time that she had been close enough to the experiment to sing it to him, but she had wiped her existence out of his mind with magic. Still, magic was prone to deteriorating with time, so who’s to say whether the man would recognize the song or not.