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Yuffie: *jogs after Cloud, more concerned for Aeris than afraid of another bout of motion sickness* I’m surprised too. It’s not like I told her ultra-bad things earlier. I just told the truth. Even a thief like me knows that the truth is golden and worth more than all other treasures around. *shakes her head* I just don’t understand why ‘Ris didn’t listen to me.

Jenna: *deeply sighs in resignation* Alright, but don’t complain about being lost thanks to me. I do not know where I am going here. *moves back over to the hole and jumps down. From there, she moves from level to level, searching for signs of SOLDIER based equipment or supplies. During this search, she passes by the gym meant for executives, the company library, the meeting room, and so on. Eventually, she finds a storeroom on one of the lower levels below the main entrance point that Cloud and company had originally started at once they entered the ShinRa building* Finally… I hope you find clothing meant for you in here.