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Noemi: Oh, I See… Well, thank you. But Sephiroth and I are not mere humans. We are both quite different and can handle much more than they can. Still, I appreciate your attempt to calm him. *gently massages Seph’s hand* ~This will all be over before you know it. I promise you, Sephiroth.~

The nueral surgeon continues making measuerments then begins gathering up his equipment. Once he’s fully prepared, he moves over to Sephiroth’s side and connection him up to an IV before giving him a general anestetic. It may take ten minutes for him to fall asleep, but once the drug kicks in, he’d stay asleep for hours.

Once Sephiroth is asleep, the surgeon opens up Sephiroth and begins work in injecting the nuerologicly designed nano-machines and ships into Seph’s brain tissue. The implants are bio-mechanical and quite small, so they would easily mingle in with Sephiroth’s brain mass. Once the nanotechs are installed, the surgeon begins placing in larger chips on certain areas such as the movement sectors and vision centers. Once all the work is done, the surgeon carefully sews Sephy back up and allows for the guards to cart Sephiroth back into his room. He’s probably wake up in another few hours after the surgery is done.