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Kat Aclysm

Ysaty’mee: *continues walking ahead at a casual pace, a clipboard containing paperwork clutched in his left hand. He walks down a hexagonal shaped corridor, glancing back only once to make sure that the children are still following. The entire area inside the complex is hospital grade clean, the walls and floor a very dark blue metal colour. The ceiling is lit with bright blue plasma filled bulbs, and other ‘elite’ type creatures wheel entire trolleys filled with weapons, ammunition and other supplies down the same hallway that the guard is currently walking down* Your quarters are up ahead here.

Sephiroth: *stays quite close to Noemi, not liking the new and unfamiliar place at all. He is also intimidated by the 8ft high inhabitants of the facility, but he does his best not to show that he is afraid*

Ysaty’mee: *turns down another corridor, walking past two sets of sliding glass security doors before he finally enters the new laboratory. He walks over to Kerash and hands the clip board out for her to take* There were no problems at all. I will leave these in your care now.