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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *remains relatively still as Noemi conentrates and casts the powerful healing spell on him. He goes quiet and numb for a moment, then sits up, rubbing his ear, shaking his head to try and get the rest of the blood out of it* Thank you, Noemi…

Meanwhile, out in the Cafeteria, there is a loud thumping noise, then crashes as a large group of Elite-style 8-feet high armoured guards crash the area. They immediately seize up Hojo and handcuff him, while other guards electrocute Jenova with a large tazer rod, carrying her out of the cafeteria on a stretcher so that one of the other science departments can put her back in preservative liquids. Another guard picks up pieces of limb and tentacle that were cut off Jenova in the fight, following the others outside.
The majority of guards stay in the area, holding Hojo in position as per their orders, awaiting a more superior ranked officer to come along. Two more guards walk into the laboratory, and begin looking around for the experimental subjects, calling out to them in unhuman gruff language native to them.