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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *swallows nervously and stares into her eyes, not knowing what to do in this situation with her being so close* *”Thank you, Noemi. I don’t know the true extent of my powers, but I would like to grant you such in return….”*

Hojo: *has busied himself over the last few months by concentrating poisonous printing inks from the office supplies in his apartment, planning for a re-takeover of his old job. He keeps two doses of the concentrated black/murky brown ink in capped syringes in his coat pocket and has been waiting for an opportune moment to get to the upper levels again. He views the given tapes and seems exceedingly angry with the fact he is missing out on seeing important milestones firsthand, deciding to implement his plans today.
He seizes his chance when the cleaner comes past his room, snatching the old man’s ID tag from his coat as he wheels his cart down the hallway. Hojo sneaks into the elevators and swipes the card through the slot, smirking with glee as the the card takes him to the level containing the laboratory. He uses the ID chip in the cleaner’s ID card to bypass many security features such as double-reinforced doors, and the clean room partition that seperates the outside from the medicinal side of the laboratory, where new medicines are mixed, as well as samples of the experiments are stored. He remains hidden in the area until the lab becomes less busy and winds down for the evening*